When you travel to other countries in Europe, or meet other Europeans in Spain, do you feel a sense of accord with them? Do you notice the similarities in your collective cultures? Or do you regard them as totally foreign people? In my experience as an American, I find Europe to be full of countries with different cultures while maintaining a strong unilateral undertone. What does this mean? Well, I find Europeans to be generally well put together, whether they participate in fashion trends or not. Most European cultures value family and quality time. There is an abundance of art and artifacts in Europe, most notably the architecture, which can be still functional today. Most of all, there is a presence of many languages, and many people are at least somewhat bilingual.

In the United States, the Christmas season starts right after Thanksgiving ends. Generally, this is such a happy time for everyone with lots of food, gifts and spending time with family. It is an opportunity to see cousins that live far away, grandparents and aunts and uncles. I often speak with my American friends about how cute it is to see Spanish people walking with their grandparents through the town square, having lunch, or breakfast with their parents at a café or shopping on the weekends with three generations of family members. In my experience, the only time I see my parents, grandparents or great grandparents is during the holidays. 

This Halloween will be different from most that we’ve celebrated in the past. Halloween is usually a time of great festivities and fun. We dress up in costumes, meet up with friends, and depending on your age group, go trick or treating or to a party. I have always loved Halloween because, like most holidays, it is a time of community. It is an excuse to make spooky, Halloween themed treats and be creative while spending time with our friends and family.

Throughout Europe, over 800 million Europeans are represented in the Council of Europe's 47 member states and all are encouraged to discover more languages at any age, as part of or alongside their studies. “Education begins with language”’ is the title of a new European Commission report, which looks into supporting   a comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning of languages.

Compartimos unos enlaces que conducen a unos proyectos eTwinning realizados a lo largo de dos años consecutivos coordinados por la profesora Karen kill, en los que participa nuestro Centro con el trabajo de alumnos de 4º de ESO de ciencias.
Estos proyectos tienen como finalidad intercambiar buenas prácticas en el campo de la educación y realizar actividades enfocadas a concienciar sobre buenos hábitos y respeto al medio ambiente. 

Web internacional: 

eTwinning Active Green alliance:

Los alumnos de 4ºESO A han trabajado a lo largo del curso escolar 2019 2020 en la elaboración de un Diccionario Medioambiental para el proyecto eTwinning "Active Green Alliance" en colaboración con sus compañeros de otros 4 centros escolares de Polonia, Rumanía, Italia,Turquía y España.
Enlace al diccionario

Por su parte, la alumna Úrsula Jurado ha realizado este interesante vídeo documental para el proyecto colaborativo Active Green Alliance en eTwinning sobre las consecuencias que ha tenido el periodo de confinamiento en el medio ambiente.
Enlace al vídeo.

Coordinadora de los proyectos: Karen Quill, profesora de inglés del Centro y embajadora eTwinning.

Felicidades a la coordinadora, Karen y a los alumnos por un trabajo tan magnífico.


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